The Divine Art of 

Sacred Esoteric Healing

Deeply Stilling ~ Deeply Healing

based on the work of Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

Sacred Esoteric Healing 

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a hands on healing technique performed while the client is fully clothed. It provides space to deeply relax and return to our essence. 

It is here we can begin to become more aware of unhelpful choices we may be making in daily life and the opportunity to truly heal. 

Deeply connecting with your body in this way is hugely beneficial as many of us are living lives that are busy and rushed creating conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, feelings of emptiness, emotional issues and more. 

Chakra Puncture

Chakra Puncture is a safe, gentle, deeply stilling and rejuvenating therapy where very fine needles are applied lightly and in specific patterns, which helps the body re-configure back to its natural state of harmony and spaciousness.


Chakra-puncture can be delivered as a stand-alone treatment or as a series of sessions.


As well as being a fantastic support for stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia, Chakra Puncture also offers powerful support for individuals post-surgery and for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.


Detox programs are also available.

Energetic Facial Release

Energetic Facial Release dates back to Egyptian times. A deeply healing and nurturing facial massage using a specialised series of techniques designed to heal

This amazing facial treatment supports in releasing long held emotions and tension from the face and works by gently releasing ingrained energetic patterns from the entire body.

The one hour treatment is performed in combination of Esoteric Healing Techniques for a deeply stilling and relaxing experience 


Initial Consultation for Esoteric Healing & Chakra Puncture (or extended session) 90 Min - $100

Esoteric Healing 60 Min - $70

Chakra Puncture 60 min - $70

Energetic Facial Release 60 min - $80

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